Need of the Hour

The other day while I was standing in the school corridor I felt a nudge.Looking back, I saw a little girl gesturing me to give her way. Slightly taken aback and annoyed, I tried to correct her saying that the right way is to use the words ‘Excuse me’.

This incident haunted me for long before I could bury it as just another error by an innocent child.Then I realized how much needs to be done at the foundation level. Academics apart, the need of the hour is to sharpen the soft skills of our children for us to have a civilized society tomorrow.

While we talk about seeing our kids do well in their lives,let’s not only focus on making them financially sound and acquiring material wealth.It’s equally important to ensure that they have the basic etiquettes of social life. No matter how high one’s scores are, it’s often seen one fails to make a positive impression on us. The culprit could be anything between rude body language and an absolute lack of finesse in one’s personality. Grooming has therefore become an essential part of one’s education.

However, owing to a lot of factors the focus today, is on polishing the academic scorecard, little realizing that this obsession is someday going to crashland us if we put up a poor show in the social front.We certainly would not love to be surrounded by techies owning fancy cars,visiting expensive restaurants in branded clothes, speaking loudly on their mobile phones in public places.

It’s time therefore to ‘catch them when they are young’ so that we can check the social behaviour of our children and lay the foundation of a strong value system during their formative years.Otherwise we must be ready to bear the brunt of a rude and insolent society in future.

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A teacher by profession,I love reading, listening to music and writing.I have been looking for a place where I could give vent to my thoughts, feelings and views..That's when the idea of blogging crossed my mind.I am happy to have finally found a place where I can dabble on my hobby in between planning lessons, classwork, homework and balancing work at home.

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