You tried, you teased her

You bruised and battered her

But she stands unbroken!

You promised empty words

Of love and solace

Of comfort and candour.

But she stands unbroken!

You shamed her and robbed her

Of her integrity.

You blamed her,called her names

But she stands unbroken!

Like a rock she stands

Unfazed, such is her fortitude

That nothing you do can

Ever shake or scare her

For, she stands unbroken!

Published by juri1jilmil2

A teacher by profession,I love reading, listening to music and writing.I have been looking for a place where I could give vent to my thoughts, feelings and views..That's when the idea of blogging crossed my mind.I am happy to have finally found a place where I can dabble on my hobby in between planning lessons, classwork, homework and balancing work at home.

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