Monsoon Musings

As you pour I pray, be merciful,

For you are as much a woe to many

As you are wonder to some.

Years of ravage caused by you

Has left my land in shambles

Aren’t you tired?

How much more misery you fancy

Only you could tell.

But when I see the plight around

I never fail to question

If this is how it is meant to be.

A land that has nature’s bounty,

Cries every year for a penny

The dreams of so many

Die down in that one merciless stroke

Of the Mighty. How I wish to see

The happy face of the land

That’s known for its bounty!

All I hear are the agonizing screams

Of the helpless and the drowning

For whom help is but a distant dream

That flickers between hope and despair.

Why does the world seem deaf and blind to the misery

Of the laity? After all aren’t we made of the same flesh

and blood that kings and queens are made of?

If this is what humanity is, then alas!

The world is falling apart

And there’s nothing but a barren patch

Left for our posterity.

Hurry, lest it would be too late

To make amends and revive what is left of our humanity!

Published by juri1jilmil2

A teacher by profession,I love reading, listening to music and writing.I have been looking for a place where I could give vent to my thoughts, feelings and views..That's when the idea of blogging crossed my mind.I am happy to have finally found a place where I can dabble on my hobby in between planning lessons, classwork, homework and balancing work at home.

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