Reflections on Women’s Day

The other day I was watching this video where a lady fighter pilot was seen taking off a jet with immaculate perfection, pretty much like her male counterparts.While this left me in a state of awe, admiring the great height that women today have scaled, I could not help wondering if we, as a tribe have actually marched towards emancipation.

Although we can’t totally deny that we have come a long way since the days of ‘sati’ and child marriage, yet the fact remains that we are still a marginalised class- a class that has to deal with numerous stigmas related to various issues ranging from something as normal as menstruation to marriage, motherhood, divorce etc.

While education is the only tool to attain independence, it is often seen to be used as a device to secure a better bet in the marriage market.Therefore it’s time for us to realise that we can’t afford to barter our independence for something as routine as marriage. If education vouches for financial independence, then why do we surrender to the aftermath of marriage and child bearing and rearing? For,I believe that in a marriage such things as looking after the household and taking care of the children is a shared responsibility.

Although a lot needs to change and in order to bring about a complete revolution the womenfolk has to trudge many miles, yet with an open – minded approach from the society we can go a long way towards emancipation.The way forward, is therefore,by educating the society to accept women as individuals who deserve their due share of respect.Let us give them the liberty to decide for themselves the best thing(s) to do without being critical of them. It’s time we accepted that a woman cooking in the kitchen could also be the woman driving her car to her workplace and capable of working on her laptop or for that matter,flying the jet I saw in the video I mentioned earlier.

Having said that, I feel proud to belong to a clan of women who have crossed the threshold of their homes to carve out a niche for herself in the world and be known by her name alone.More power to women.Happy Women’s Day!

Published by juri1jilmil2

A teacher by profession,I love reading, listening to music and writing.I have been looking for a place where I could give vent to my thoughts, feelings and views..That's when the idea of blogging crossed my mind.I am happy to have finally found a place where I can dabble on my hobby in between planning lessons, classwork, homework and balancing work at home.

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